Chicago Booth Big Data Course

BUS41201 Syllabus

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Midterm: exam, data, solutions


Lectures: 01Data, 02Regression, 03Models, 04Treatments, 05Classification, 06Networks, 07Clustering, 08Factors, 09Trees, text, timespace

Data and Analysis (order of appearance)
pickup: data, R.
smallbeer: data, R.
cholesterol: Gwas table (original data and description), lipids.R.
Ben and Jerry's: data, HomeScan Data Dictionary, starter script, solutions
OJ: data, R
spam: data, R
homes: data, dictionary, starter script, solutions
semiconductor: data, R
comscore: R, domain visits, site names, total spend, demographics
hockey: hockey_start.R, solutions
multi-armed bandits: mab.R
paid search: data, R
abortion: abortion.dat, us_cellphones, R
airquality: R
microfinance: edges, households, start.R,solutions.R
credit: data, description, R
forensic glass: R
firenze marriage: R, data
lastfm: R, data
california search: websearch.R, edges, vertices
imdb: actors_start.R, actors.graphml, movies.txt, solutions
protein: R, data
wine: R, data
we8there: R
congress109: Solutions
nbc: R, nbc_demographics.csv, nbc_pilotsurvey.csv, nbc_showdetails.csv
rollcall votes: R, rollcall-votes.csv, rollcall-members.csv
gasoline: R, data
FX: FXmonthly.csv, sp500.csv, currency_codes.txt, solutions
prostate cancer: R, data
motorcycle: R
California Homes: R, data
text lecture: R
timespace lecture: timespace.R, airline.csv, dja.csv
big data pca: R

Utility scripts: fdr.R, deviance.R, naref.R, roc.R, kIC.R.

R Resources: Dowload R, R-project site, Rstudio, NYT on R.
TryR code school
Ref Cards: UC ITS, CRAN
Tutorials: Google developer, Princeton
Books: R in a nutshell, Art of R programming, Library E-Books
See syllabus for other info.

Lectures and code are all Copyright © Matt Taddy 2014.